Automechanika Shanghai -Something About Auto Parts & Accessories You Have to Know

Automechanika Shanghai, Asia’s largest trade fair for automotive parts, accessories, equipment, and service, has been held on 11/28-12/1/2018 in National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai), China.

Motorshive Auto Parts and Accessories

This fair has attracted about 6,250 exhibitors and 140,000 visitors and space has climbed to 350,000 square meters. Many world-famous brands have attended this fair, such as Aisin, Bilstein, Bosch, BPI, Brembo, Chemours, China Changan and more. As the famous auto parts e-commerce company in China, Motorshive has also attended the fair.

Motorshive Auto Parts and Accessories

With Automechanika Shanghai’s concurrent fringe programme, visitors enjoyed a series of hot topics from across the entire supply chain through lectures, seminars, and forums. In addition, visitors have learned the global market trends, latest technological advances, and future outlooks for various automotive industry sectors in over 50 scheduled events on the fair.

Motorshive Auto Parts and Accessories

Focusing our business on the car owners who want to buy cost-effective auto parts and accessories, Motorshive aims to offer higher quality products at a lower price to every customer. Our main products are specialized in manufacturing exterior decoration car parts and accessories including the specially designed or customized roll bars, sidebars, front grilles, grille guards, bumpers, rear bars, roof racks, running boards, as well as other customized auto parts and accessories for a variety of vehicles, such as Pickups, Jeeps, SUVs, Vans and Sedans.

Motorshive Auto Parts and Accessories

Today, Motorshive is becoming more and more professional and aims to be the best auto parts and accessories supplier online. We want to make a difference and you'll want us!

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